thrilled to be a reading matters 2015 author

The Reading Matters conference is a biennial youth literature conference that explores YA issues and trends and celebrates new as well as established young adult writers. The 2015 conference authors were announced today and I’m absolutely thrilled to be one of them.

The conference will be on 29-30 May at the Arts Centre in Melbourne (how good is Melbourne?). Thanks so much to the Centre for Youth Literature at the State Library of Victoria for the invite!

You can find the full list of Reading Matters 2015 authors here.

benny makes best australian stories



In a victory for small-town science fiction nerds everywhere, my story Benny Wins Powerball has been chosen for inclusion in this year’s Best Australian Stories. Go Benny! (I should clarify that he’s the small-town science fiction nerd, not me, although I am reading Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War at the moment and kind of getting into it.) The Sydney Morning Herald has kind words to say about Benny and the collection, which is edited by Sonya Hartnett. Having now read the lot I especially recommend Sarah Holland-Batt’s So Far North, Sean Rabin’s I Can Hear the Ice Singing, Kate Simonian’s Scott, Meredei Ortega’s David Davis at Coldpigeon Dot Com, and the hilarious (in a disturbing but brilliant way) Yia Yia on Papou by Zoe Norton Lodge.


small wonder

I found out on Thursday that a very short story of mine, William Shatner Vows to Save the Great Basin Pocket Mouse, will be published in a forthcoming publication of poetry and micro-fiction after winning me  a runner-up prize in a recent Spineless Wonders comp. The comp was judged by the excellent poet joanne burns (and I’m not just saying that because she chose my story – she is truly excellent!). If you want to know more about joanne’s work here’s a good place to start. You can find details of the Small Wonder journal I’ll be in here. Who is William Shatner? Glad you asked. And as for the Great Basin Pocket Mouse