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Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA) 2019 – shortlisted








Gold Inky Award 2019 – long listed








CBCA Notable Book 2019








Queensland Literary Awards 2018 – shortlisted

Judges’ comments:

Gough deftly navigates the delicate space where comedy meets drama. Her two spirited protagonists, the naively generous Harriet, and the cynical, completely ‘woke’ Will, forge a bond as they concoct a series of pranks that challenge privilege, power, and pretence. Their subsequent developing attraction is organic and authentic.

Indie Book Awards 2019 – shortlisted




Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2019 – shortlisted

Judges’ comments:

Amelia Westlake is an exceptional novel that portrays flawed and layered queer teenagers stumbling towards self-awareness and a blossoming relationship in an authentic and refreshing way. The writing is delightfully sharp, with a distinctive voice and personality that shines through on every page. The novel manages to be both weighty and thoughtful, while remaining humorous, heartfelt and hopeful.


NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2019 – shortlisted

Judge’s comments:

Erin Gough has…created a fiercely funny narrative that sits well in the contemporary young adult niche, raising issues of feminist intersectionality, queerness and racism, shedding timely commentary on the #MeToo movement. While the novel explores gender politics and the mechanics of power, at its heart it works well as an uplifting romance novel that is delightful to read.

One of the many strengths of this novel is the dialogue which is taut, sassy and authentic. Gough creates three-dimensional characters who are flawed, yet full of heart.